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Editura Casa Cărții Oradea la Târgul Internațional Gaudeamus

22 noiembrie 2017

Conferinţa internaţională ”Reformation and Modernity” – Facultatea de Filosofie a Universității din București

15 noiembrie 2017

ABC News – Seven reasons Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation still matter today

6 noiembrie 2017

1. Protestantism gave rise to secular democracy
2. The beautification of churches went out of vogue
3. The Nazis claimed Luther as a spiritual forebear
4. Luther was the Donald Trump of his generation
5. We can thank Luther for Christian rock
6. The Reformation empowered women … slowly
7. Protestantism is alive and kicking in the Global South

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6 noiembrie 2017

Sinteza – Nr. 45

2 noiembrie 2017